South Park Illuminati Symbols

South Park, an edgy cartoon comedy, is a Comedy Central's most valuable asset. It is also a weapon used to express their gratitude to Illuminati symbolism and although South Park has had multiple bouts with Illuminati references, it is not the only child of Comedy Central to experience Illuminati madness, just ask Dave Chappelle.

To be fair, the show's rivals such as Family Guy, Beavis and Butthead, The Simpsons and American Dad have all been caught with their hand in the Illuminati cookie jar. You might say maybe it's just a cartoon comedy thing but then again, it's not.

South Park Illuminati cult in Cartman's basement.

The most recent time they've used Illuminati symbolism was in Season 14 on the episode titled, Mysterion Rises. Here it's Kenny, a.k.a. Mysterion who has to save the world from Cartman, the Coon. Cartman decides to partner up with a satanic beast summoned by a familiar looking cult. The cult is seen in dark robes in a basement filled with satanic icons such such as the inverted pentagram and eye of horus.

South Park Illuminati cult worshipping the Baphomet.

Clearly you see they are worshiping the baphomet which represents Satan/Lucifer. It is here that they were able to summon the demon that teamed up with the most hilariously evil character, Cartman.

South Park informally introduced the world to Illuminati classically with a pyramidal Illuminati eye. The episode to do this was the one where they go the whole foods store and become persuaded to buy everything organic as opposed to what most Americans buy, inorganic, or dead.

South Park Illuminati pyramid in whole foods store.

They go on to make people feel crazy for wanting eat real organic food like humans have been doing to 99.99999% of their history. One particular jab made, I recall, was at flouride free toothpaste. You get the picture.

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