Rihanna Illuminati Symbols

Rihanna is a self-proclaimed Illuminati Princess. Rihanna's Illuminati symbols are incorporated into many of her songs. These include the all-seeing eye and Illuminati pyramids.

However, hey creepy references extends even further. In one of her songs she actually describes a future economic armageddon where her and Jay-Z will be safe from harm. Why? Because they're "Rockefellers."

The Rihanna Illuminati agenda spans across three main songs that bring it all to light: Russian Roulette, S&M and Umbrella.

Exhibit A is the cover art for Rihanna's single--Russian Roulette, which may be an ode to the Illuminati all-seeing eye.

Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" single cover.

Rihanna's Illuminati all-seeing eye.

Next up are some images from her concerts. It turns out she like pyramids.

Rihanna performing inside an Illuminati pyramid at her concert.

I wonder who's sitting up top?

Rihanna is also great friends with fellow Illuminati exploiters Kayne West and Jay-Z. Having said that, the similarities between Rihanna's Illuminati symbolism and Beyonce's Illuminati symbolism is also worth noting.

This is especially true when it comes their "good girl gone bad theme."

Rihanna using Illuminati hand symbols at her concert with Jay-Z and Kanye West.

The same hand sign Beyonce made at the Super Bowl half-time show.

Let's move right along to Rihanna's catchy hit single S&M. At it's core, the song is a rant against how the media portrays her. At its outer shell, it's a poppy club song that turns girls naughty.

In one scene she's taped to a wall while news outlets are taking picture after picture as if she were some kind of celebrity. In the background you can see a headline that say's "Princess of the Illuminati."

Rihanna's musics video calls her a 'Princess of the Illuminati.'

Princess of the Illuminati.

If I were clever I would have made the headline to this article Princess of the Illuminati. Unfortunately, I'm not. This is clearly a stab at people who analyze occult symbolism found in her work and put the Illuminati label on it. I guess that's me. How ironic?

Her song "Umbrella" is by far the creepiest of all. To understand it, however, you have to see or hear the lyrics. It's enough to give you goosebumps.

No clouds in my storms, let it rain
I hydroplane into fame coming down with Dow Jones (eh-eh-eh)
When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella
We fly higher then weather, and G5's are better (eh-eh-eh, eh)

You know me (you know me)
An anticipation for precipitation stack chips for the rainy day
Jay, Rain Man is back (eh-eh-eh)
With little Ms. Sunshine, Rihanna where you at? (eh-eh-eh, eh)

This song features Jay-Z and Rihanna bragging about their elite status in society. Jay-Z starts the song by talking about the Dow Jones going down (maybe he shouldn't have voted for Obama). The Dow Jones is a collection of stocks in the NYSE which is a reference to the American economy.

Here, she tells all of her glorious fans that if and when an economic collapse occurs (17 trillion of U.S. debt as of 2012), they will all die, but her and Jay-Z will survive. Unless of course, you can stand under her umbrella, ella, ella.

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