Jay-Z Illuminati Symbols

Jay-Z seemingly stands at the core of the hip-hop Illuminati conspiracy. It's not hard to see him as the ring leader of everything this site writes about, and attempts to uncover.

Aside from being the most arrogant rapper in town, (just kidding, Kanye West...) he's also the least shy in terms of using Illuminati symbols.

Yes, the Jay-Z Illuminati agenda spans across most of modern day hip-hop and pop. In fact, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Beyonce Illuminati symbolism may be seen as a mere spin off of Jay-Z's "dangerous love affair" with the occult.

Jay-Z with Beyonce and Kanye West.

All in the family.

Do They Really Run This Town?

One theory is that shortly after becoming initiated as a Freemason, he wanted to spread Freemasonry's influence even further. He may have decided to do this via other hip-hop artists such as those mentioned above.

In the song "Run this Town," Jay-Z teams up up with Rihanna and Kanye West. Does this song represent Jay-Z's rise in the ranks as a Freemason?

One of the first things people point out about the song "Run this Town" is that Jay-Z explicity says "I'm a Mason." However, this is false. If you listen closely, the lyrics are different.

The following are lyrics from "Run this Town."

Uh, uh, and ain't nobody fresher
I'm in Maison, uh, Martin Margiela
On the table screamin' fuck the other side, they jealous

This makes sense, considering Maison Martin Margiela is a fashion designer in Paris.

Don't get your guard down, however. Here's Rihanna making a satanic gesture on the set of the music video for "Run this Town."

Rihanna on the set of 'Run this Town.'

Rihanna being a little devil.

More than that, however, Jay-Z and Rihanna also teamed up for the hit single "Umbrella."

As mentioned in my Rihanna Illuminati article, the two use the song to flaunt their wealth while warning of an economic apocolypse which they will be shielded from, hence the title "Umbrella."

What do they know that we don't?

Kanye West's Illuminati Rings

Jay-Z and Kanye West share a similar relationship to the one he enjoys with Rihanna.

As you probably know, the dynamic duo worked on a complete album together titled Watch the Throne.

To be sure of how close they really are, one shouldn't have any doubts after seeing the type of jewelry Kayne wears. He was seen wearing--not one, but two Illuminati rings on a night out.

Kanye West being seen wearing two Illuminati rings.

One for Jay and another for Kanye.

If you haven't seen anything that looks like this before, I dare you to have a better look around.

Roc-A-Fella Records

To launch his rap career, Jay-Z founded Roc-A-Fella Records. The name can easily be detected as a reference to John D. Rockefeller.

John D. Rockeller was the richest man in history and founder of Standard Oil.

Many people think Rockefeller stands at the core of the Illuminati and is one of the 13 Illuminati families, or bloodlines. I'm not sure I buy into all of that, but I digress.

In the documentary film "Zeitgeist," Aaron Russo, director of Trading Places, claims to have been friends with David Rockefeller. He goes on to say that David warned of 9/11 happening and admitted it was because elitists like himself wanted the population microchipped.

Tupac was afraid of this very thing. He talks about it in one of his songs.

The following are lyrics from "They Don't Give a Fuck About Us."

Some say they expect Illuminati take my body to sleep
Before I flee computer chips
I gotta deal with brothas flippin'

What's more interesting is the Illuminati symbol Jay-Z made up himself. It's referred to as the "Roc" sign.

Jay-Z making his <quotes>Roc</quotes> symbol.

Jay-Z's all-seeing eye.

A triangle or pyramid with an eye in the center is a dead give away for any Illuminati symbol.

Back side of a one dollar bill.

This gesture is a key componemt of Jay-Z's Illuminati symbolism. Almost every modern hip-hop artist has flashed this sign in some way, at some point in their career.

In fact, Jay-Z has actually made the Illuminati all-seeing eye profitable!

Rocawear Clothing

When Jay-Z launched his Rocawear clothing line it turned some heads.

What you're about to see is smoking gun evidence that he is not only aware of Freemasonry and ancient symbolic references, but an actual fan of them.

Here's what I'm talking about:

Rocawear Illuminati t-shirt.

The Illuminati all-seeing eye.

This first one is pretty standard fare. The Illuminati pyramid found everywhere in popular culture has now made it to Jay-Z's clothing line.

Rocawear freemasonry t-shirt.

Every symbol in existence.

This t-shirt is the most telling of all. It connects Freemasonry (see the masonic secret handshake?) and the Illuminati all-seeing eye (on top) with his very own "Roc" sign which was (in the middle) mentioned earlier.

Rocawear masters of the craft t-shirt.

More Freemasonry love.

This is most common form of Freemasonry symbolism. It's known as the Freemason compasses and it's found in so many different entertainment industries. Recently I discovered this symbol and many others in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Eye of Horus on Rocawear hat.

Eye of Horus.

Finally, this hat is a reference to the ancient egyptian "Eye of Horus." Like the Baphomet, many attibute this symbol to representing Lucifer, or Satan.

Jay-Z is truly an amazing business man. However, when taking a look at his fashions, it seems like making money wasn't his only motivation. Obviously, ancient symbolic references are a pretty niche market. I mean, the whole point of coded symbolism is that only a few can fully understand it.

The Illuminati all-seeing eye is always meant to communicate dominance over the general population. The Illuminati must see themselves as watching over everyone else in the world.

Jay-Z performing with Rihanna and Kanye West under a pyramid.

Afterall, they do think they run this town.

D'evils Illuminati Lyrics

Jay-Z's first album was titled Reasonable Doubt. While I can't prove Jay-Z is an Illuminati member beyond a reasonable doubt, one of the songs from this album gives us a clue.

The following are lyrics from the song "D'evils."

That's right it's wicked, that's life I live it
Ain't asking for forgiveness for my sins, endz
I break bread with the late heads, picking their brains for angles on
all the evils that the game'll do
It gets dangerous, money and power is changing us
And now we're lethal, infected with D'Evils...
Dear god, I wonder can you save me
Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body
Dear god, I wonder can you save me
Secret society, tryin' keep their eye on me

It's hard to not see Jay-Z as an Illuminati member. He was talking about the Illuminati trying to possess him on his debut album!

Illuminati Interview

 In 2010, the radio station "HOT97" interviewed Jay-Z.

"People are really buying into this, that you are some sort of Illuminati devil worshipping Freemason," said the radio host.

Jay-Z's response was "Man, I don't know where that came from."

"Are you messing with people and doing this on purpose," said HOT97.

"No, not me. I've never done that before. Why would I do that? That's retarded," Jay-Z retorted.

If not Jay-Z, then who? Is he trying to say he's just a puppet of the Illuminati?

Listening to the interview, I could tell Jay-Z was uncomfortable. It also seemed that he knew what he was saying wasn't believable. It's called playing dumb, and it's always obvious when you see it being done.

But then again, that's just an opinion. There's no way to no for certain. There are, however, more clues to follow.

The Blueprint Baphomet 3

As we've already established in this article, Jay-Z seems to be connected in some way to Freemasonry, which is thought to be a branch of the Illuminati secret society.

Every Freemason has to acquire certain levels in the hierarchy of Freemasonry. These are called degrees. A common theory with The Blueprint 3 is that it signifies Jay-Z reaching the third degree of Freemasonry.

The Blueprint 3 album cover.

The Illuminati's Blueprint?

Having said that, the album is rife with satanic Illuminati symbolism.

The music video for "On to the Next One" has a few dead giveaways.

The entire music video is shot in black and white. Aside from the creepy tone of the video, Jay-Z is quick to show a baphomet head.

Music video of 'On to the Next One.'

Is this entirely shocking? No. His wife Beyonce was seen wearing a baphomet ring on her finger. Not to be out done, Jay-Z included another horned beast in his video as well.

Music video of 'On to the Next One.'

The Baphomet is an ancient symbol used today by satanists. The idol has been officially adopted by the church of Satan. For whatever reason, it is extraordinarily common to see it used within the music and movie industries.

The Baphomet idol.

Aleister Crowley

Jay-Z is connected to the Baphomet in more ways than one.

He was seen wearing a sweater that read "Do what thou wilt." Pretty obscure phrase, no doubt.

Jay-Z wearing 'Do what thou wilt' sweater.

Who popularized the phrase? A man named Aleister Crowley.

Aliester Crowley with most infamous and influential occultist there ever was. He even became known as "the wickedest man in the world."

Aleister Crowley

This is him.  That's an all-seeing eye on his hat.

In the early 1900's, Aleister Crowley claimed to be called upon by the god Horus to go to Egypt. Long story short, he was led to a museum in Cairo, Egypt where he was further led to a certain exhibit in the museum. The number of the exhibit was 666, also known as the number of the beast, or Satan.

Aleister Crowley's Baphomet.

There's that damn Baphomet again.

The question is "why does Jay-Z know about and even seem to celebrate 'the wickedest man in the world?'"

Honestly, I don't know. I don't have answers, only road signs to follow.

This website is all about common themes found in different media outlets. The next trend I'm going to cover is interesting, yet, reletively unknown about.

Young Forever

"Young Forever" is the final track on The Blueprint 3 album.

If you're one of those who are afraid of the Illuminati, this song may frighten you more. Everything about Jay-Z has been quite symbolical so far, and this song seems to be no different.

It opens with Mr. Hudson from the song he originally sung called "Forever Young."

The following are lyrics sung by Mr. Hudson from "Young Forever."

Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while
Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

The following are more lyrics from "Young Forever," sung by Jay-Z.

So let's just stay in the moment, smoke some weed, drink some wine
Reminisce, talk some shit, forever young is in your mind
Leave a mark that can't erase neither space nor time
So when the director yells cut, I'll be fine, I'm forever young

There are two ways of interpretting "Young Forever." To be optimistic is to say it's a song about Jay-Z, a successful rapper, who is making a name for himself before his death, where he will live on,  through legend.

Pessimistically, it could be a song about elitism, and the foreshadowing of an apocalypse, as so many Illuminati conspiracy theorists fear.

The first verse is certainly eerie. It also represents the common man, or the uninitiated.

A person who isn't in the Illuminati is basically in the dark. They aren't making any important decisions, and they definitely don't decide the fate of the world. So instead, they just "dance" ignorantly while waiting for [the Illuminati] to reveal themselves and rid the world of the common man.

Then comes Jay-Z's verse. The only questionable part is where he says "when the director yells cut, I'll be fine, I'm forever young." What director is he referring to? Again, if you're optimistic, it's God. If not, however, maybe the director is the Illuminati. After all, they do supposedly control everything.

If Jay-Z really is an Illuminati favorite then he would have no reason to worry about such a calamity. Mentioned earlier, a similar theme was noticed in the Jay-Z and Rihanna song "Umbrella"

So what am I getting at?

Jay-Z's not the only one to use the phrase forever young. The Illuminati star known as Katy Perry also did in her song "Teenage Dream."

The following are lyrics from the Katy Perry song "Teenage Dream."

Let's go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance, until we die
You and I, will be young forever

Again, ignorantly dancing until something bad happens. Dancing without regret until the bitter end.

Kesha, who isn't shy with Illuminati symbolism, has a song called "Die Young." Interestly, she also mentions it in her song "We Are Who We Are."

Kesha flashing the Illuminati all-seeing eye symbol.

Kesha shows her all-seeing eye.

The following are lyics from Kesha's "We Are Who We Are."

Tonight we’re going hard
Just like the world is ours
We’re tearin’ it apart
You know we’re superstars
We are who we are!
We’re dancing like we’re dumb
Our bodies go numb
We’ll be forever young

Remember, the people dancing to their music are their fans. The ones buying the albums, going to concerts, and listening to the music.

Literally, they are calling their listeners dumb.

These music artists are all mocking the average person. They are pointing out the fact that most of their young listeners are in ignorant bliss. They go to clubs getting wasted without making the slightest attempt to inform themselves about the world.

Not only that, they hear these lyrics and it makes them want to do it more! It's called dumbing down the public, and many fear that's what the Illuminati wants to do.

Just in case of the tiny chance you haven't grown tired of this, here's another song which does the same.

The Ready Set is a group that doesn't enjoy the same level of fame all these other artists have, however, they did get radio play, and I personally remember hearing one of their songs more than once.

The name of that song would be...drum roll..."Young Forever."

The following are lyrics from the song "Young Forever" by The Ready Set.

We can be like prisoners, yeah
Spendin' the money that we don't have
Cause we don't care, no-oh
Livin' like kings with broken strings
And our face down to the floor
Hey, hey, we'll be young forever
We'll be young forever 'til forever stops
We're singing
Hey hey we'll be young forever
Tonight will last forever 'til our bodies drop

Not to be outdone, Nicki Minaj also made a song of her own called "Young Forever."

The cover of Nicki Minaj's 'Forever Young' single.

Nicki Minaj's Forever Young

Well, you get the picture. In summary, one might interpret them as saying their listeners are going to die in blissful ignorance while the artists will live on because they're (in the Illuminati) forever young .

Remember Beyonce's Baphomet ring I mentioned earlier?

Coincidentally, she was wearing it at Coachella during a duet with Jay-Z. The song being sung? "Young Forever."

Beyonce singing Forever Young at Coachella while wearing a Baphomet ring.

Beyonce singing the chorus. See the ring?

Blue Ivy

Did I mention Beyonce and Jay-Z are married? Well, they are.

They've even had a baby. Strangely, they chose the name Blue Ivy.

Even stranger, word spread fast on the internet, and people began spreading the rumor that Blue Ivy's name was an acronym. The acronym? Born living under evil, Illuminati's very youngest...BLUE IVY.

Jay-Z out with Beyonce.

Sounds pretty far-fetched to me. Personally, I think it's kind of weird to talk about a baby as if it's some kind of evil deity.

Hot Tottie Illuminati Lyrics

To be fair, Jay-Z teamed up with Usher on the song "Hot Tottie" to set the Illuminati rumors straight once and for all.

The following are Jay-Z's lyrics from Usher's song "Hot Tottie."

They call me King Hov, copy?
Big ballin’ is my hobby
So much so they think I’m down with the Illuminati
My watch do illuminate
My pockets are tottie
But I’m God body, ya’ll better ask somebody
I was born a God
I made myself a king
Which means I down graded to a human being
You was born a Goddess
I made you my queen
Which means we upgraded to Louis the thirteen

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