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The objective of this website is strictly to entertain. Occult Illuminati symbols can be found in almost any type of entertainment. Some of it is a nod to Freemasonry, while others foreshadow an evil government takeover, and some are simply satanic.

For simplicity, I have defined "Illuminati symbols" on a page for you. The articles written here will seem like satire to some, and horror literature to others. Don't feel threatened by the shocking nature of the entertainment industry.

Relax and have fun; the world isn't ending. What this site attempts to end is the inside joke between artists and their respective clubs, cults, and fraternities.

The truth, however, is that a portion of Hollywood, the video game industry, and music artists seemingly use their work as a form of comradery. They use it as a way to communicate with others who are in the know.

There are people who go completely out of their way in order to send the images out to the public. Is it really just an inside joke, or something bigger? It seems almost subliminal. For whatever reason, people may want your subconscious mind to soak up this symbolism.

Excuse me!? What are Illuminati symbols and their meanings?

You heard me right. The Illuminati is thought to be a collection of secret societies which have existed for hundreds of years. They keep themselves on top while giving a wink and nod to each other via coded symbology.

It's actually rare for the rich and famous to make it to the top and stay there without implementing some of the Illuminati symbols talked about on this site.

Illuminati Music Artists

Lady Gaga with one eye showing

Beyonce during Super Bowl 2013 halftime show.

During the 2013 the Super Bowl, one hundred million people tuned in and watched Beyonce perform live in the halftime show.

Unbeknownst to most, however, they were being fed part of the Beyonce Illuminati agenda.

Aside from her duck face, the above symbol being flashed is thought to represent the Illuminati secret society.

Take a closer look.

Beyonce showing the all-seeing eye

I'm noticing a pattern, Beyonce...

The image above shows Beyonce using one of the most common forms of symbolism. No doubt you've seen this before; they all do it.

The sign she's making with her hands is trying to represent the Illuminati pyramid. The pyramid is generally shown with a single eye on top.

The elites of the media seem to love this icon; it's used everywhere. Does it symbolize themselves ruling over the world, watching our every move?

The back side of a one dollar bill.

The government keeps secrets too.

It would be easy to write all of this off as a coincidence, of course, if it weren't for...

Illuminati Movies made in Hollywood

Hollywood movies follow the same formula year after year. Part of that formula has been to inject Illuminati symbolism into their work.

Astonishly, these are no different than ones pop singers and Illuminati rappers use in their music videos.

This is a poster for the movie Aeon Flux.

Aeon Flux movie poster.

Now showing: Illuminati Propaganda

Who are the movie directors and art designers who decide on this stuff?

I don't know any of them, but if I did, I would ask one question. "Why?"

Aeon Flux is hardly alone in the area of Illuminati movies. The Illuminati movie industry is also home to other blockbusters such as Fight Club, Paranormal Activity, National Treasure, and many more.

National Treasure movie poster.

The secret's staring you in the face.

As if the music and movie industries weren't enough, the Illuminati have hidden their symbols in another medium as well. You see, children don't access to that latest music and movies. They do, however, watch...

Illuminati Television

It seems like every television network children and teens watch are tied to the Illuminati. This includes, but is not limited to: Nickolodeon, MTV, (which has been given the nickname "Masonic Television.") Disney, etc.

Cephalopod Lodge episode of SpongeBob SquarePants

Not even Squidward understands this madness.

Certainly, the producers of Spongebob Squarepants understand that children have no idea what the Illuminati is. They also must realize that kids don't have a clue what Freemasonry is. How bizarre that they reference Freemasonry, a secret society which is thought to be a sector of the Illuminati.

This brings us to the ultimate question. What if someone doesn't listen to music or watch movies, television? For this fortunate fellow, there's at least...

Illuminati Video Games

A relatively recent phenomenon has been the release of Illuminati video games. A majority of the most popular video game franchises have begun incorporating Illuminati symbols into their work.

Modern Warfare 3 New York City Mission.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 plays you.

Modern Warfare 3 gives new meaning to hidden references. By that, I mean they're not hidden! They're right out there in the open. Activision actually does this in all of their Call of Duty video games.

Are the same people at Activision responsible for SpongeBob, National Treasure, and Beyonce?

No. They are all a part of an intricate web of...

Illuminati Members

As I've said above. I see Illuminati symbolism as being an inside joke between certain circle of influential people. With that said, I certainly don't know anyone influential enought to be a member.

Is it a coincidence that almost every president the United States in recent memory has been educated at either Harvard or Yale? Do they learn that much more than the average competitive college student? I don't believe so.

I do believe the benefit of an Ivy League education is mostly the connections.

"The Social Network" was a movie about the conception of Facebook. In the first scene, Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend were out having some drinks. Mark was obsessed about getting into MIT's most exclusive club.

While defending his ambitious plan, he mentions how being a member would lead to a better life, full of connections.

He explains that Theodore Roosevelt (26th President of the United States) was in one. His girlfriend then barks, "Teddy Roosevelt didn't get elected president because he was a member of the [exclusive club]." Mark Zuckerberg then coldly fires back, "Yes, he did."

Skull and Bones is one the oldest club at Yale and it make for an easy example.

Skull and Bones Member Portrait.

Past Skull and Bones members; current controllers of the world.

Hundreds of the most powerful men in the world were given the opportunity in Skull and Bones.

This includes both, George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush, John Kerry and many others. During the election 2004 election, John Kerry and George W. Bush ran against each other for the most powerful position in the world; President of the United States.

If you find this disturbing, it would be a good idea to learn more...

About Illuminati Symbols

Again, none of this is meant to scare you. It's natural for power to flow toward a minority of people at the top.

The students of Ivy League universities (Skull and Bones members, etc.) are the same ones who write for Nickelodeon, develop the most played video games, and produce the blockbuster movies watched around the globe.

I believe they relate with pyramid symbology because it speaks volume about how social status works. Only a few can stay on top and it's where they happen to be.

If you can't beat them, and you can't, you could try to join them.