Illuminati Video Games

A most recent phenomenon in Illuminati symbolism has been the emergence of Illuminati video games. A shocking amount of modern mainstream video games now include Illuminati references.

Coincidentally (or not), the vast majority of Illuminati video games are record breaking blockbusters which sell millions of copies.

To understand this relatively recent occurrence of Illuminati video games, let's look at the hard evidence.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Illuminati Symbols

Modern Warfare 3 has declared its love of freemasonry. There are far too many symbolic references in the game to be called a coincidence. Read about this Illuminati video games in detail.

Halo Illuminati Symbols of Bungie

Jaw dropping investigation into the subliminal Illuminati symbolism found throughout the Bungie and Halo universes. This is one of the most influential Illuminati video games in existance.

Peggle Illuminati Symbols

What seem like harmless fun turns into strange. The symbolism found in Peggle is bizarre.

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