Illuminati Music Artists

Illuminati music has become a term because currently their are virtually zero popular music artists who don't incorporate Illuminati symbols into their lyrics, photoshoots or music videos.

Here I will try to analyze as many singers, rappers and bands as I can. You may never look at music the same way again.

Jay-Z Illuminati Symbols

A complete breakdown of Jay-Z's Illuminati past and present.

Eminem Illuminati Symbols

Eminem's career has been subtley peppered with Illuminati symbols that once you see them they are some of the most obvious you've ever encountered.

Rihanna Illuminati Symbols

Rihanna is an Illuminati pretty pretty princess. Her Illuminati symbolism can be found in her lyrics and wardrobe and music videos.

Beyonce Illuminati Symbols

Beyonce is an Illuminati all-star because she came to represent. After Jay-Z transformed her she is disturbingly obvious when it comes to the images she portrays relating to the Illuminati.

Lil Wayne Illuminati Symbols

As if the Illuminati wasn't already fashionable enough, Lil Wayne literally wears clothing that pays homage to the Illuminati and their all-seeing eye symbolism.

Lupe Fiasco Illuminati Symbols

Lupe Fiasco is the first rapper since Tupac to rap against the Illuminati. See how he shouted "No New World Order!" during his debut national TV appearance.

30 Seconds to Mars Illuminati Symbols

Jared Leto's band known as 30 Seconds to Mars is rife with Illuminati symbolism throughout their latest album "This is War."

Linkin Park Illuminati Symbols

Linkin Park has track titles like "In the End", "Waiting for the End" and an album titled "Minutes to Midnight." What happens at midnight? Find out.

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