Illuminati Bilderburg Group Members

Out of each Illuminati group thought to be involved in setting world policy, not one of them is as infamous as the Bilderbergs.

The Bilderberg Group has been meeting in secret since 1954. The original meeting was a 3 day conference held at Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands. Hence the name Club Bilderberg.

This alleged Illuminati group and shadow government consists of influential people in banking, business, military, media and of course the government.

Currently, the meetings are held in Europe as well as the United States and security is tight.

Elites collaborate in private with the common cause ensuring all the balls keep rolling in their favor.

The names of attendees aren't made available to the press (they own the press), but frequent members are well-known.

People like Barrack Obama, Timothy Geithner, David Rockefeller and of course Henry Kissinger are usually present.

Topics discussed would stay unknown if it weren't for the covert work of anti-Bilderbergers.

Thanks to dumpster diving for tossed papers and hiring low-level hotel employees to smuggle out private documents, the agenda is a little more unknown.

The Bilderberg's decide the fate of the economy, they decide elections and they steer the Food and Drug Administration.

All of this is done in the interest of what some of them call a New World Order. To move into the new order they use everything at their disposal including the media, military, government, banks, and even the food supply (which they poison).

One of the biggest hurdles for them is Earth's enormous population which they say isn't stable.

Henry Kissenger, who is at most all meetings and even moderates them has been quoted as saying,

"World population needs to be decreased by 50%."

7 Billion people is too many for just a few thousand men and women to control.

Some theorize this as the motivation for various population deflaters such as:

  • Vaccines
  • Flouride
  • Chem Trails
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Food Additives

Knowing this is useful because it allows us to stay one step ahead.

However, it's plausible to suggest that a shadow government would speed up the process as almost everyone in America is in a mass state of hypnosis.

Recently, many FEMA prison camps have been constructed in remote locations across the country.

The camps are supposed emergency relocation centers constructed to keep peace in case of a domestic or worldwide crisis, but critics of the New World Order assume the worst.

The biggest hurdle for them would be socially conditioning the public to slowly accept these radical happenings as they occur. Is that why there's so much disturbing symbolism found in entertainment?

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