Illuminati All-Seeing Eye

The Illuminati all-seeing eye as product placement.

Ironically, in todays culture, the Illuminati all-seeing eye isn't watching you, rather you are watching it.

The all-seeing is strategically placed in all forms of media that people unknowingly consume on a daily basis. It's even seen in advertisements and many corporate logos.

Illuminati symbolism of their watchful eye is the eye of providence from freemasonry which is derived from the eye of Horus in ancient Egypt.

It's the most undeniable clue to the Illuminati's existence in modern times.

Aeon Flux Illuminati symbolism.

Above is a poster for the movie Aeon Flux.

Today Hollywood will sneak this (along with other occult symbolism) into their films.

However, the music industry is even more notorious for planting this symbol is the subconscious of millions.

They do this using music videos and photo shoots with music icons putting up various hand gesture associated with the Illuminati all-seeing eye.

Such as an "A-ok" circle. Here is Beyonce flashing it in a music video.

Beyonce Illuminati all-seeing eye symbolism.

Beyonce flashing all-seeing eye in music video.

It's often debated whether each individual music artist is consciously aware when they are being asked to create these images.

Populars singers and rappers are occasionally heard talking about the Illuminati or rapping about the Illuminati. Jay-Z even made a clothing line with the all-seeing eye pyramid on T-shirts.

Another way for the music industry to symbolize one watchful eye is using two fingers above and below the eye.

Here is a Paramore photo shoot.

Paramore Illuminati all-seeing eye.

Almost all influential artists in the music industry have some type of Illuminati ties.

More popular today are Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

Below, Rihanna on the cover of her album shows us her all-seeing eye in the form of covering the other one. This is also a very common form of occult symbolism

Rihanna Illuminati all-seeing eye on album cover.

It's important to know that these artists do ALL of the symbols. It's not like they've adopted their own. Their handlers are essentially all the same.

Using Lady Gaga as an example. Notice that she uses all forms in her photo shoots and music videos.

Lady Gaga Illuminati all-seeing eye symbolism.

One Illuminati reference is exclusive (for the most part) to Jay-Z.

Forming a triangle with both hands and placing it with your eye on top of the pyramid is an obvious symbol.

Jay-Z Illuminati all-seeing eye-symbolism.

First used by Jay-Z and is now his trademark, it's sometimes borrowed.

Beyonce is on board as well.

Beyonce Illumiati all-seeing eye with Jay-Z.

In closing I want to say that music artists although they are aware, they are still not decision makers.

The ones in charge are behind the scenes. The producers, agents and music video directors are the ones responsible.

Think of these people as gatekeepers.

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