Halo Illuminati Symbols of Bungie

Halo Illuminati symbols are found in Microsoft's most important franchise, and we have the game developer Bungie to thank for it.

However, they are also shrouded in secrecy. Almost everything they do involves coded lingo and symbolism of unknown conception. This is no accident.

Bungie Aerospace is their new mobile and social games development platform.

What's important about this is the logo, not the name.

Bungie Aerospace logo.

Imagery reminiscent of the Illuminati all-seeing eye.

Interestingly, Bungie is not even the game companies real name!

According to the company, only a few people at the top know what they really call themselves. By digging around in business name registrations, it's been found that the name Arte Seven is also registered and addressed to Bungie's offices.1

Bungie seemingly obsesses over the number seven. Anyone familiar with Bungie already knows this.

"Bungie lore contains the phrase, 'Seven is Darker.'2 Also noteworthy is how the spell the word truth. Tru7h is the most common use of the number seven where it is obviously not warranted.

Seven is found everywhere.

  • There are seven Halos
  • 343 Guilty Spark [73]
  • John 117
  • Gravemind's seven tentacles
  • Jericho VII
  • 7th Column (their web forum)
  • Bungie Day: July 7th (self-proclaimed)

Halo is not the only Bungie game to do this; they all do. Pathways into Darkness (1993), Bungie's first commercial success, contains a mysterious death message that reads:

"Seven men in overcoats jump from the shadows and carry you away. You are never heard from again."

To understand Bungie, it may be imperative to know why the number seven is referred to, and what the number seven is referring to within the Bungie universe. Read on to attempt answering this question.

Pathways into Darkness box art.

Seven is darker.

The plot of Pathways is that very soon an ancient god will awaken and destroy Earth.

You are a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces who has been tasked by the President to go into the pyramid this god inhabits in order to nuke the structure, burying the god inside.

This leaves us with Bungie's next obsession most are oblivious to. Pyramids. Remember the Bungie Aerospace logo?

What's disturbing is not the pyramids but the eye-like shapes inside them.

These all-seeing eye symbols subliminally inserted into the Halo universe may be the work of the Illuminati.

The active camouflage in Halo Combat Evolved is a perfect example, and the beginning of Halo Illuminati references.

Halo Combat Evolved active camo.

Circa 2001.

At first glance, no one thinks anything of it.

A decade ago there was hardly anyone even aware of the Illuminati or its symbolism.

Actually, Bungie was a pioneer in this area. In 2001, there weren't yet any National Treasure movies or Dan Brown novels fictionalizing it. Sure, Tupac's Killuminati album was release 5 years prior, but hell, Lady Gaga was only 15 at the time.

One thing is for sure; Bungie seemed very aware.

There may be evidence of Illuminati influence seen in a small clip taken from a trailer of Halo Reach. The video shows an all-seeing eye as the icon for the active camo.

Halo Reach Illuminati eye from trailer.

Almost ten years later, the Active Camo connection is clear.

Interestingly, this smoking gun was cut from the final product. However, it was probably never meant for prime time. This was possibly an inside joke during development.

They don't stop there, though.

The franchise has suddenly become littered with symbolic propaganda as the Halo Illuminati tie become even more apparent.

Symbols are even on the Halo Reach edition Xbox 360!

Halo Reach edition of Xbox 360.

This is all a part of what I call the Halo Illuminati agenda.

And so is this...

Freemason Illuminati symbols. Halo Reach Team Noble Logo.

See any similarity? Maybe I'm seeing things.

The left is a logo of Freemasonry and the right is team Noble's logo from Halo Reach.

The eye pyramid on the console comes from the Office of Naval Intelligence in the game. This is one of it's logos.

You can see these almost everywhere in the Halo Reach campaign.

Halo Reach ONI logo.

Some might argue, "That's not an all-seeing eye!"

With occult symbolism it's not always clear if a reference is accurate. It my never be known with absolute certainty what people are thinking when they include things like these in movies, music, and video games.

After further investigation, the Halo Illuminati agenda become clearer than ever.

Halo Reach ONI emblem.


Bungie artists designed both of those. The acronym for the Office of Naval Intelligence is ONI.

ONI is the title of a past Bungie game released in 2001, the same year as Halo.

Understanding the plot of ONI is relevant.

It all takes place around the year 2032. (2+0+3+2=7) Heehee

ONI wallpaper.
"The game world is a dystopia, an Earth so polluted that little of it remains habitable. To solve unspecified international economic crises, all nations have combined into a single entity, the World Coalition Government. The government is Orwellian, telling the populace that what are actually dangerously toxic regions are wilderness preserves, and using the Technological Crimes Task Force, its secret police, to spy on citizens and suppress opposition.

The player character begins the game working for the police. Soon, she learns her employers have been keeping secrets about her past from her. She turns against them as she embarks on a quest of self-discovery. The player learns more about her family and origins while battling both the Technological Crimes Task Force and its greatest enemy, the equally monolithic criminal organization called the Syndicate.

In the game's climax, Konoko discovers a Syndicate plan to cause the Atmospheric Conversion Centers, air-treatment plants necessary to keep most of the world's population alive, to catastrophically malfunction. She is partially successful in thwarting the plot, saving a portion of humanity."3

A similar theme is referenced in their recent 20th anniversary documentary titled, "O Brave New World," which is a clear reference to the classic literature Brave New World which sought to predict a frightening future similar to the plot of Oni. Are these plots become actualized?

Want to know the tru7h?

Bungie has stated they are planning to take over the world.

It's not even a secret. They published a list of objective they must complete in their plan for world domination. This is some kind of sick joke!

It's reminiscent of the goals of the Illuminati.

Their list can be found on their website, but more importantly, it's hidden on the wall of a secret room in Halo Reach known as the Tribute Room. A tribute to their Halo Illuminati secret.

Halo Reach Tribute Room Easter egg.

Illuminati headquarters.

The room is full of computer monitors that have the ONI logo as their screensaver, and the all-seeing eye pyramid is seen on the floor of the room.

Here's Bungie's self-proclaimed 7 step plan for world domination.

  1. Start independent gaming software company
  2. Dominate Mac platform: Launch assault on Windows platform.
  3. Announce killer gaming title.
  4. Acquire strangely addictive Chinese food company.
  5. Recover Ling Ling's head.
  6. Stage bloody coup of new parent company.
  7. Take over World. Shoot enemies into sun with giant slingshot.
Bungie slingshot.

If this is all some gag, a joke of sorts; then it would be brilliant. Bungie has based their entire universe around it, so it would be safe to assume they take their humor seriously. Whatever the reason, I know I won't be on their slingshot!

Bungie's 7 step plan for world domination.

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