Eminem Illuminati Symbols

The Eminem Illuminati connection is the most fascinating of all the Illuminati rappers I've covered.

Eminem's Illuminati symbols are different than the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, etc. Meaning, he isn't obnoxious with them, making the effect more powerful, and in a way; more eerie.

Eminem (a.k.a. Slimy Shady) shares a common story with many other famous rappers. Eminem started off in life without much, becoming rich overnight. He was discovered by Dr. Dre, who made him into one of the most successful rappers of all time.

Dr. Dre's Greatest Fear?

Dr. Dre, undoubtedly, has known about the Illuminati for years.

Dr. Dre performing at a concert.

Did Dr. Dre want to run for his life?

In one of his songs titled "Been There, Done That," Dr. Dre (pictured above) tells his listeners he is so paranoid about the Illuminati, he's going to runaway to a private Island where he's safe from the powers that be.

The following are lyrics from the song "Been There, Done That."

Ain't tryin' to stick around for the Illuminati
Got to buy my own island by the year 2 G

Was Dr. Dre afraid of a complete Illuminati takeover happening before the year 2000?

The Eminem Illuminati Show

Dr. Dre's investment in Slim Shady paid off. In 2000, Eminem's career skyrocketed with the release of his third album, The Marshall Mathers LP. Eminem Illuminati symbols went unseen until the release of his next album, The Eminem Show.

It was soon after this that Eminem Illuminati symbols started appearing out of nowhere.

It all started with the album cover of The Eminem Show.

Eminem show album cover.

This could've been just for show.

The design of this album cover is cunningly brilliant, and most likely influenced by the Illuminati. The curtain pulls back creating a pyramid. The pyramid peeks at the letter "i" in Eminem. The letter "i" seems equal to the word "eye" in this photo, as in the Illuminati all-seeing eye being on top of the pyramid.

In the photo, Marshall Mathers is shown at the bottom of the pyramid. Did Dr. Dre take Eminem under his wing, and inform him about the Illuminati?

One might say Eminem was against the power and control which the Illuminati seemingly wield in this world.

Was Eminem symbolising himself as an underdog, fighting against the Illuminati? Or, was Eminem symbolizing his climb up to the top of the pyramid?

Eminem Illuminati symbols became more blatant after that sneaky introduction.

Eminem Loses Himself

In 2002, Eminem starred in the movie "8 Mile," and with it came a soundtrack. One of Eminem's most popular songs came out of the 8 Mile soundtrack. It's called "Lose Yourself."

The following are lyrics from the song "Lose Yourself."

The soul's escaping, through this hole that is gaping
This world is mine for the taking
Make me king, as we move toward a new world order

In August of 2011, Eminem was crowned the king of hip hop by Rolling Stone magazine.

The music video for his 2004 song "Mosh," features a barrage of Illuminati symbols.

Below is a screenshot taken straight out of the music video. Notice the all-seeing eye, but also the text from the newspaper that states "Bush knew of terrorist plot to hijack US planes."

It also shows a man imitating George W. Bush on the morning of of September 11, 2001. On that morning, the president was reading a book titled "My Pet Goat" to school children.

Unrelated, but coincidentally, goats are used to represent Satan and his followers.

Music video of "Mosh" showing an Illuminati all-seeing eye.

In the United States, newspapers read you!

"Mosh" was released as a single, just prior to the 2004 election. The purpose of the song was to motivate young voters to get out to the polls, pushing President George W. Bush out of office.

Whose side was Eminem on?

Eminem later slipped into a dark period of his life. He became addicted to sleeping pills and stopped writing raps.

In 2009, after much anticipation, Eminem finally released his new album Relapse, followed by Refill the same year. These albums received mixed to negative reviews.

Eminem, seemingly down and out on his luck, would need all the help he could get in order to stay relevant--even if that meant teaming up with Lil Wayne and Rihanna, the Illuminati Princess herself.


Recovery contains tracks which feature the Illuminati repping Lil Wayne, and Rihanna.

Below is the inside of the case of his album Recovery. Here, he flashes all-seeing eye symbolism for the first time in his career.

Inside of Eminem's Recovery album.

If you can't beat 'Em...

I don't need to say how common this is in the music industry.

Interestingly, more secret society references are found in the song "2.0 Boys," which Eminem was featured in.

The following are lyrics from the song "2.0 Boys."

We came to monopolise the game
Illuminati is here, yeah, human oddities

Yelawolf then goes on, in the second half of the song to say the following.

I shit logs and I piss river brown
Cause I drink creek water and spit the river Nile
And that’s as close as I get to a pyramid
Shit, they think I’m Illuminati, so f-ckin’ ignorant

Illuminati Jewelry

Of course, no Illuminati music artist would be complete without some type of symbolic jewelry to wear such as Beyonce's Baphomet earring, or Kanye West's all-seeing eye rings.

Eminem wearing an Illuminati necklace.

Found guilty?

Eminem's necklace is the shape of a triangle.

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